Get to know TCP

Hello! Let me ask you a question… when was the last time you tried something for the first time? My story, at least consciously, began when I tried out Rugby. It was a long arduous (over)thinking process before I finally convinced myself to step my foot on the field. You can read more about what went through my mind on the story behind The Coach Potato. Peeling me off from my comfort zone was a struggle, but I am thankful I mustered enough courage to take the leap. I realized that trying out new things makes you grow and stretches the boundaries of your comfort zone.


Extremely chill or extremely competitive! Nothing in between.

My name is Macky and my Twitter and Instagram handles were inspired by a semi-popular 90s dance song! If I am not in the office, gym, or Football field, I am likely munching on some Mexican food somewhere! I am your typical weekend warrior who is a bit too eager to document new activities, hobbies, and sports for everyone to try out. This adventure has, so far, reminded me that you can never be bored in life! Always be on the lookout for your next first time!