Leche ka, Francis! Three life lessons you learn from Mountain Hiking

I had been successful in evading my friend Francis’ invites to join him in his mountain hikes. One day, though, I woke up and the thought of hiking a mountain intrigued me. Coincidentally, he invited me once again to join his Mt. Ulap hike, where he is one of the hike leaders (Up up and away). My playful friend was very encouraging up until I secured my slot. After that, everything just went berserk. I remember him telling me nonchalantly “please do not forget to bring a knife, we need to hunt a wild pig so we can eat dinner” or “oh, if we get caught in crossfire, just lay flat on the ground.” Of course, I am quite confident none of that would happen but the unknown still stressed me out a bit.

Mt. Ulap and more!