New year’s revolution – Indoor Cycling

Happy new year and welcome to 2016! Aren’t you glad we are once again blessed with a fresh, clean slate to paint on a new masterpiece this year? Ringing in the new year with resolutions is a step toward the  right direction, as we pledge to make better versions of ourselves. Sadly, though, that’s about it for some of us… just a step, then the vicious re-cycling of resolutions ensues (I fall a victim, too, TBH). You need a revolution to sustain the evolution!

Arms race, party pace

Brace yourselves, 2016 is off to an upbeat start! Indoor cycling is gaining traction in Manila, with Ride Revolution being the latest entrant to this wellness movement. This is Embassy Valkyrie meets Gym. The party never stopped, it took a healthier and more active twist!

We entered a dark room with a stage in front, accentuated with neon lights. Look for the bike assigned to you and the friendly people of Ride Revolution will help you adjust and mount the machine. The exercise is quite easy to understand—just follow the instructor as she/he sets the pace. When they switched on the black lights… at that moment, I knew… ish is about to get real.  We gon up the ante! As the ride progressed, I felt my fats wearing me down, consequently hating myself for not eating healthy! (Sigh!) I imagined a big, fat juicy burger slooooowly melting every stride we took. The image was replaced with the whole group’s reflection on the mirror in front of us, doing the choreography in sync. Yes, there is a choreography. It is optional, but hello!?? You are already there, so just freaking get along with it!

Music, as well as the instructor (who acts like a DJ or a hype woman/man), are key in indoor cycling. Both work together to set the energy of the room and the ride. Book one of Kamae‘s classes. SHE. IS. AMAZEBALLS. Talk to her before the ride and ask for the “Butterfly” and a Bieber track, too! 😉

Resolution Revolution

Indoor cycling is a solid workout on its own; for ultra hardcore fitness enthusiasts, this activity is a fresh complement to your stringent regimen. Cycling for about 45 minutes non-stop will improve your endurance, no doubt. On top of that, there is a choreography that will fire up your coordination, balance, and core. If you deem yourself too old for the party scene, re-think that decision, and check out indoor cycling. Maybe you never really needed a resolution… you ought to join the revolution.


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