New year’s revolution – Indoor Cycling

Happy new year and welcome to 2016! Aren’t you glad we are once again blessed with a fresh, clean slate to paint on a new masterpiece this year? Ringing in the new year with resolutions is a step toward the  right direction, as we pledge to make better versions of ourselves. Sadly, though, that’s about it for some of us… just a step, then the vicious re-cycling of resolutions ensues (I fall a victim, too, TBH). You need a revolution to sustain the evolution!

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Stay classy: Fencing is here!

Only a few things stand the test of time, warranting them to be called classic or classy. It would have been much cooler if we were still carrying swords (damn, imagine Game of Thrones!!?) , but frankly, they face near obsolescence nowadays. Thankfully though, the art of sword fighting lives vicariously through the classy sport of Fencing.

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