Bicep-curling my way to Lacrosse

Guns, pythons, pipes, daga—these are only a few among a myriad of slang pertaining to biceps. It is not surprising to see several gym goes work on their guns for the gun show as many cannot help but keep mirin on them. Beyond aesthetics though, biceps are critical in maintaining your active lifestyle a.k.a. the Coach Potato way, so do not ridicule!

Let the curling begin!

I was fortunate enough to have attended the University of Makati Lacrosse team‘s (dubbed the Herons) training. I was greeted by Maruh Legaspi, a player from the Philippine Lacrosse team (yes, now you know we have a national team for Lacrosse!) also the coach for the Herons.  Clueless, I asked coach about the origins of Lacrosse. Interestingly, the sport belonged to a rich tradition where native American Indians played it as part of recreation, tribal war exercises, and spiritual activities.

University of Makati Herons

University of Makati Herons

Curious huh? Keep reading!