The lovechild of Physics and cool kids: Wakeboarding

Remember the good ol’ days (more like a little less than a decade ago.. but hey, I sound wise with that phrase!) when every weekend, we witness cool kids flocking nearby provinces to wakeboard? This water sport may not be as mainstream as before, but it is definitely not out of the loop!

Welcome to the republic!

I hated my younger non-conformist self after my recent trip to Republ1c Wakepark in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Why am I just visiting you now?┬áIt seems like I missed out a lot these years. There is an adventurous, awe-striking vibe that will greet you the moment you lay your eyes on this watersports complex. The wakepark is so inviting, you just want to grab your gear and jump on your board! C’mon, jump in!


Big boy meets yoga. No, really.

Urban Manila is experiencing a revolution in the health and wellness space. Filipinos are a bit more deliberate in maintaining a healthier lifestyle as we see a thriving market for organic food, wellness centers, gyms, vacation sites, and of course, yoga! I first got curious with yoga when my friends kept raving and just cannot stop talking about it… so much that I got acquainted to Lululemon (spray-on yoga pants are not for real, okay?). I eventually succumbed to the pressure and tried it out. Yep, big boy did yoga.
Yep, I survived yoga. Streeeetch that imagination. Read up some more!