Love notes from wall climbing

Wall climbing must be the last activity you will relate to love. Rihanna was lucky enough to find love in a hopeless place, but.. Wall Climbing, really? Keeping it simple, trusting your partner, the art of letting go.. all these will be tied to your future new hobby, so hang on! Being big and leaning toward the heavy side of things, I did not know why I agreed to try out wall climbing.

Earlier, while me and my companion were on the way, she told me, “I will be the one belaying you.” At that point I did not know what belaying means; there is an iota of sexiness to the word, but thinking of her small, petite frame “belaying” me? Nope, no ma’am, I cannot risk my life. Contrary to what most people think, wall climbing is not a solitary activity. The belayer will be the climber’s partner as he/she plays an important role in the whole wall climbing experience.
Reach for it! Go ahead and read the whole thing!