Solo traveling ain’t my cup of tea

Indulge me as I deviate slightly from the usual theme of my blog.

I am happy to report that I survived nine days living outside of my comfort zone. Yes, it is an adventure. Yes, it is thrilling. Yes, you should try it. But no, it is not as glamorous as it sounds. Before I burst your bubble, let me give you a rundown of what transpired during my epic nine-day solo trip:

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Leche ka, Francis! Three life lessons you learn from Mountain Hiking

I had been successful in evading my friend Francis’ invites to join him in his mountain hikes. One day, though, I woke up and the thought of hiking a mountain intrigued me. Coincidentally, he invited me once again to join his Mt. Ulap hike, where he is one of the hike leaders (Up up and away). My playful friend was very encouraging up until I secured my slot. After that, everything just went berserk. I remember him telling me nonchalantly “please do not forget to bring a knife, we need to hunt a wild pig so we can eat dinner” or “oh, if we get caught in crossfire, just lay flat on the ground.” Of course, I am quite confident none of that would happen but the unknown still stressed me out a bit.

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The four-second rule: Archery

Four seconds—that is all you need to build that killer instinct.

We know the present-day archery as a sport, but of course, we have come to learn from hours of watching Discovery Channel and National Geographic that it was used to kill during the ancient times, as is the case in other universe (think Legolas of Lord of the Rings, the ultra-hot Katniss Everdeen of Hunger Games, or Hawkeye of Marvel).


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New year’s revolution – Indoor Cycling

Happy new year and welcome to 2016! Aren’t you glad we are once again blessed with a fresh, clean slate to paint on a new masterpiece this year? Ringing in the new year with resolutions is a step toward the  right direction, as we pledge to make better versions of ourselves. Sadly, though, that’s about it for some of us… just a step, then the vicious re-cycling of resolutions ensues (I fall a victim, too, TBH). You need a revolution to sustain the evolution!

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Stay classy: Fencing is here!

Only a few things stand the test of time, warranting them to be called classic or classy. It would have been much cooler if we were still carrying swords (damn, imagine Game of Thrones!!?) , but frankly, they face near obsolescence nowadays. Thankfully though, the art of sword fighting lives vicariously through the classy sport of Fencing.

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Bicep-curling my way to Lacrosse

Guns, pythons, pipes, daga—these are only a few among a myriad of slang pertaining to biceps. It is not surprising to see several gym goes work on their guns for the gun show as many cannot help but keep mirin on them. Beyond aesthetics though, biceps are critical in maintaining your active lifestyle a.k.a. the Coach Potato way, so do not ridicule!

Let the curling begin!

I was fortunate enough to have attended the University of Makati Lacrosse team‘s (dubbed the Herons) training. I was greeted by Maruh Legaspi, a player from the Philippine Lacrosse team (yes, now you know we have a national team for Lacrosse!) also the coach for the Herons.  Clueless, I asked coach about the origins of Lacrosse. Interestingly, the sport belonged to a rich tradition where native American Indians played it as part of recreation, tribal war exercises, and spiritual activities.

University of Makati Herons

University of Makati Herons

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Building up your strong hand for gun firing

The first thing that pops to mind when you come across the words “strong hand” is an image of a powerful sword-wielding blonde-bearded barbarian with lightning at the background. Mmm.. No? Okay, excuse my imagination as it wandered off a mile too far. After giving it some more thought and mustering some of my dormant brain cells, a strong hand can actually mean one’s dominant hand, as is the case with indoor gun shooting. It actually makes perfect sense—you need to have a strong and firm grip to fire a gun with conviction and handle its powerful recoil.

Stronghand Logo
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American Football: Pilipinas Aguilas vs. Korea Tigers

American Football has been around the Philippines for about five years, and remarkably, so much has happened to grow the sport. The Pilipinas Aguilas, our national team for American Tackle Football, faced Japan (ranked number 3 team in the world, and number 1 in Asia) for its maiden game, which coincidentally is an American Football World Cup qualifier under the International Federation of American Football. We also hosted a friendly game against Western Australia Raiders in 2014. Both teams proved to be juggernauts for a budding Philippine team; nevertheless, the unrelenting Filipino spirit brought us back up as we face the Korea Tigers. All these in five busy years.

Korea has a different story though, shared Lawrence Bowlby, the head coach for the visiting Korea Tigers. American Football has been in Korea for 50 years but it hasn’t barged its way through mainstream Korea. He went on to say that there are 32 university teams in Korea, which makes a formidable foundation for the sport, but none of them are legitimate varsity programs yet. In fact, the visiting team, bannered under Korea University, had to rely on donations from their university alumni network, while some funded their own just to play against the Pilipinas Aguilas. Coach Lawrence was all-praise for the passion, dedication, and heart shown by the Korea Tigers.
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